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If you decide to hire me as your birth doula, depending on your individual needs the following things will occur.


If you are a (cis) woman planning a normal birth, we will schedule 2-3 prenatal visits depending on what you feel you need. As soon as you begin labour I will be with you to constantly support you until you are resting comfortably with your baby.

  During your pregnancy you are welcome to text or email anytime. If you’d like to speak on the phone, that can be arranged by text. My phone is always on and I will answer for emergencies always. 

I will be on call for you 24/7 two weeks before and two weeks after your due date. If you are having a planned C-section we can discuss that as well. If you’re doctor suspects you will go early I will be sure to be on call longer.


After you give birth I generally schedule two post-partum visits. We can schedule more if necessary and I also offer postpartum evening hours for an hourly charge.


If you are (non-cis) person, I will be for you exactly as above. I will be there for you throughout your birth and delivery and stay until you and your baby are resting comfortably. I will make sure that proper pronouns are used and that you feel comfortable consistently in the birthing environment.


If you are a religious woman that covers: all the above applies in addition to extra scarves and light covers to keep you comfortable emotionally. This includes but is not limited to Muslim woman and orthodox Jewish women. I will support your religious views and your modesty issues at all times during your labour and delivery. 


If you are a woman that has decided or needs to have an abortion I will be there as your support before, during, and after, until you are home resting comfortably. I am also available for further support for an hourly fee.


If you are dealing with difficulty ie. Miscarriage, stillborn, etc. I am here to support you. I will be your doula and be available for support afterward. For additional support, it’s an hourly fee.


A Full Spectrum Doula is a doula for all needs for all kinds of pregnancies and births.

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